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What's a trip to ACG?

We don't think you'll find another doggie daycare experience out there like taking a trip to


In the morning your dog will board Bagheera's Bus we've custom designed to ensure a safe and comfortable ride to and from ACG. Every dog has their own bed on Bagheera's Bus so they can lay down, relax and enjoy the ride! After boarding the bus these lucky dogs are brought back to our 5 acre country dog playground paradise!  Only 10 lucky dogs board Bagheera's Bus each day and they'll spend their whole day together as part of one happy pack. An ACG day is full day of adventure and so much fun for your dog! They'll get tons of exercise and paw-take in games and activities that make for a very happily content and calm dog for you at the end of the day. When all the funs through for the day we'll return them back to you at the same location we picked them up from. It's that simple! 


*We'd love to designate a small dog day in the future but at this time your dog must weigh more than 20lbs to be eligible for a trip to ACG.


  • ​PEBBELS RUN   Dogs love to run and boy we have that one covered! Whether it's chasing the lure, the quad, a tennis ball or butterflies your dog has the room to run till their hearts content.

  • BABY BUNS SPLASH ZONE  Swimming is a country dog favorite and must have.  It doesn't matter if your dog is a beginner or an old water dog like our sweet Baby Buns was this pond was built special just for them!

  • TANKS TRACTOR TIRE SANDPIT  Dogs will be able to test their agility with our tractor tire playground and if they like to dig they'll love the sandpit!

  • ​HOLLY'S HOLLOW  A beautiful hollow with trees and natural spring that makes for a perfect spot to explore, relax, and sniff around for hidden treats.

Pick up Drop-off Locations & Times

Wiggly Field Dog Park

(Richmond every M-F)

8am and 5pm

Liberty Dog Park

(located in Stocksdale Park every MWF)

7am and 6pm

*at home pick up and drop-off may be available if along travel route for an additional fee of  $15.00 each way.

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