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Overnight stay and Staycations

We love having our furry family with us on our vacation getaways but unfortunately sometimes that's not an option. Whether it's just for an overnight stay or a longer staycation you won't have to worry about the furry loved one that had to stay behind this time.  In a dogs world I think we'd be considered a top of the line Boarding Bed and Breakfast.  We offer all the luxuries they have at home including snuggles and cuddles.


You'll have the piece of mind and pleasure to enjoy your trip knowing that your dogs enjoying their very own dream vacation getaway! 

During the day your dog will have truckloads of fun at doggie daycare playing with all their good buddies then settle right in with us as part of the family at night.  Only a few dogs are allowed to stay for overnights at a time. We'll make sure your dog receives the care, cuddles and attention they need to feel at home, safe and loved by us.

 *Before being eligible for an overnight stay or staycation we require that your dog has had their first trip to our doggie daycare. On their first trip to ACG they are assessed to ensure they are well socialized and able to get along well with other dogs and have no behavioral issues.  


It's always our top priority to ensure a safe and fun environment for all the dogs visiting ACG.

If your dog is booked for a stay with us we'll simply pick them up at their usual pick up & drop-off location in Liberty or Richmond unless other arrangements have been made. All bookings include transport, a ton of fun, food, treats and all the cuddles your dogs heart desires. 


Give your dog the gift of a trip to ANGEL'S CANINE GETAWAY by starting our enrollment process today! 

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