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Why Choose Us

Hi, we're Jay and Angel and we run ANGEL'S CANINE GETAWAY with our three dogs Tank, Bagheera and Fawn girl.  It's our love for dogs that drives us everyday to give dogs the best day of their life with every trip they take to our doggie daycare. 

 ANGEL'S CANINE GETAWAY may best be described as an all day country dog adventure where dogs can go to be real dogs for a day! We're not the typical indoor doggie daycare experience your dog may be accustomed to.  

A trip to ACG is a full interactive day of play and activities that help promote a happy, confident, content, and pleasantly exhausted doggy for you at the end of the day. 

Besides traditional game favorites dogs love so much like fetch and frisbee or tug of war, dogs have a chance to try their paws at some country dog favorites like haybale climbing, quad chasing, lure coursing, agility obstacles, swimming on a nice day, sniffing out hidden treats in Holly's Hollow, chasing around butterflies and enjoying the wide open spaces and clean country air.

ANGEL'S CANINE GETAWAY is perfect for dogs who

  • Need a break from city life!

  • Love socializing with other dogs

  • Love outdoor dog parks

  • Have a lot of energy 

  • Want to have a doggone good time living like a country dog!


 Liberty Dog Park MWF

7am & 6pm

Wiggly Field Dog Park M-F

8am & 5pm


Your dog stays in our home with us like family so no worries while your away! 


We only have a limited number of seats on Bagheera's Bus so don't wait to enroll your dog today!

Our Team
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